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Running a commercial landscaping business is hard work, especially when there are multiple locations.  Let us take care of the landscaping.  Two White Guys has a team to coordinate a number of services to keep your commercial grounds in top shape.
Make your landscaping stand out to your customers, giving them the best possible first impression.
2 Whte guys can provide services fro initial custom design to routine maintenance.

Some routine grounds maintenance that we do includes:

Debris happens. Here in Vegas where it can be especially windy, all kinds of debris can make it to your landscape. Regular debris cleaning maintenance is imperative to keeping your business looking tidy while also ensuring its safe for clients, and employees.

Along with cleaning debris, we also include the removal of those pesky weeds that peak their heads out.  With regular maintenance you will always have a tidy appearance.

There’s nothing like the look of a newly rocked . New rocks will not only make your exterior look great but also help with the health of your flowers, shrubs and trees.

 in only a short time, your shrubs and trees can become unruly. 2 White Guys will regularly come to trim your flowers, trees, and shrubs and keep the lines of the beds looking pristine. We also will install any bushes, shrubs or plant your desire.

We also offer tree brushing and trimming, landscape construction, irrigation and more. With 2 White Guys routine maintenance you will have the peace of mind to know that your commercial landscape looks top of the line.


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