Leaf Your Tree Removal to the Pros

We’ll remove fallen trees from your Las Vegas & Henderson, NV property

When severe weather sweeps through North Las Vegas, Henderson or Las Vegas, NV, you need a team that will be on call for emergency tree removal. Choose 2 White Guys Landscaping because we’re on call 24/7 to remove trees and debris from homes and driveways.

Do you have a dead tree on your property and want it removed, 2 White Guys Landscaping can handle it. We are well equiped to handle any trees cracking your walls, sidewalks,driveway, or waterlines. If you have a tree hanging over your house or your neighbor's house we can remove and replace. For more information give us a call at (702) 544-2355.

If you’re in the middle of an emergency, call 702-544-2355 right away. We’ll get our tree removal crew out to your site as soon as possible.

Do you need crown cleaning for your trees?

Crown cleaning is another term for pruning trees. If your trees have low hanging or dead branches, crown cleaning is perfect for reshaping them. From a cosmetic perspective, if you prefer trees to have a longer trunk and fill out toward the top, crown cleaning is perfect for you.

Call 2 White Guys Landscaping today to learn more.

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