How to Choose the Right Pavers for Las Vegas

2 White Guys specializes in high-end beautiful looking landscapes that have beautiful paver accents.  Driveway or walkway, brick or stone… here we will breakdown the simple steps to choosing your pavers.

1.) What works well in your climate?

Here in Las Vegas, summertime heat can be excessive.  This can have many effects on the paver types you can choose.   Brick pavers, clay tiles and other pavers made from ceramic materials are long-lasting in this climate.  They absorb and retain heat from the sunlight.  While this makes them durable in sun exposure, they can get very hot if you walk on them with bare feet, (around a pool for instance.) Travertine pavers do especially well in the sun and do not burn your feet in the summertime.

It is recommended in Las Vegas to stay away from porcelain pavers around a pool or area you would walk barefoot as they get hotter than brick, clay or stone.

Slate while remaining somewhat cool can fade over long periods in the sun.

It is recommended to choose muted colors in the harsh sun.  However, if you opt for stain or dye or paint, applying a sealer twice a year can help maintain the color.

pavers on steps in las vegas hardscaping and desert landscape
Custom Landscaping Synthetic Grass Pavers Desert

2.) Materials for your look.  Before committing to a paver choice, take into consideration the other elements in your landscaping.   Items like furniture, house material, bedding materials, and decor should all have a similar look and feel.  2 White Guys has years of experience tying together a full lot and can certainly help to guide you in the overall design.

3.) Price-  This is most likely the first thought many have when picking pavers.  However, the materials will almost always even out in the end.  If you choose a lower cost variety, the duration of their life will in most cases be shorter.  The more expensive materials will need to be replaced less and usually remain less hassle. Pavers can vary in price anywhere from about 8-24$ dollars a square foot.  Look at the materials, life expectancy and replacement costs as you make your initial decision.

pavers on steps in las vegas hardscaping and desert landscape
Custom Landscaping Synthetic Grass Pavers Desert

4.). Creativity level- Here is where pavers become fun!  Patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes will all come into play once you choose the material.  Smaller areas are more friendly to creative patterns and larger areas tend to benefit from more simplistic patterns.   It is also important to remember that over time, pavers may shift slightly so intricate patterns over time might not look as polished.

Choices in patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes are all up to you!  We urge you to look at our collection of pavers located here to determine your style.  As always, 2 White Guys provides free consultations to help you innovate your ideal space.

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