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While there are advantages to maintaining real grass, Astro Turf in Las Vegas, also known as synthetic grass, is the best option if you want to avoid the inconveniences of growing real grass, which includes watering, mowing, and feeding.

With Astro Turf, it’s a one time purchase, installation, and it will last for a long time from years to even decades with low maintenance. 

As a trusted landscaper Las Vegas company offering custom landscape design services, we’re ready to give you the best offers for Astro Turf artificial grass for your custom landscape design.

However, before you proceed, here are some advantages of using Astro Turf for your lawn or garden:

  • Beautiful – Since Astro Turf already looks good upon purchase and installation, your outside living space will have a stunningly beautiful turf as artificial grass doesn’t grow and doesn’t change in appearance. 
  • No mowing – Don’t even think of mowing AstroTurf because it won’t work, and you’ll lose a lot of money to buy replacement artificial grass. It’s one of the biggest advantages compared to real grass that needs constant mowing and trimming to look best. With Astro Turf, you have a clean, tidy lawn day in and day out.
  • Safety – Because artificial grass doesn’t need weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals, it’s perfectly safe for people to use, especially the children who love playing directly on the grass. With Astro Turf, you don’t need to worry about getting toxic chemicals into your system because it’s free from such substances.
  • Durability – Astro Turf is created using synthetic fibers processed to look like real grass. Since it’s not an actual organic material, it doesn’t need any nurturing to stay radiant. After installation, you don’t have to worry anymore as artificial grass can make your lawn more beautiful with minimal wear and tear. With the years that you and your visitors will enjoy socializing and relaxing at your outside living space, the money you spend on Astro Turf will be totally worth it.
  • Environmental benefits – Yes, it’s not real grass, but it still helps the environment. By not needing harmful chemicals found in pesticides, artificial grass saves the environment from these substances. Also, since you don’t need to water AstroTurf, you’ll save on water and have reduced water bills, unlike with real grass that needs watering several times a week.
  • Radiant all year – Real grass looks different depending on the weather, especially during the summer, when it can have a dry, brown appearance. With AstroTurf, it stays the same color all year round; green, radiant, and beautiful.
  • Increased property value – Since Astro Turf is a long-term investment, it can have an impact on your property’s resale value, and it can make a good impression for potential buyers in the future if you decide to sell.

Artificial Grass Applications

Whether you’re from Summerlin, Centennial Hills, Henderson, or other areas in Las Vegas and Nevada, we can offer you the best variety of Astro Turf products for your lawn.

We have wholesale distributors ready to supply your AstroTurf, artificial grass, and other custom landscape design needs.

Yes, it’s fake grass. But it also looks real and looks better than actual living grass. If you’re interested in AstroTurf for your residential and commercial turf needs, please contact us so we can provide you the best professional landscaping services.