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Choosing the best provider of landscape services can be a difficult task. But if you are properly guided, you will surely find the best one. Look for a company who knows what softscaping and hardscaping are. These are two distinct areas in landscaping but must complement each other.

For hardscaping elements, the company should be able to provide services like designing and building patios, stone walls, walkways, and decks. They should be knowledgeable in the installation of driveways, which also add to the visual appeal of your home. Building retaining wall also requires expertise and creativity of the contractor. It improves safety and maximizes the available space in your property.

With softscaping, a landscaped area would never be complete without the trees, bushes, and flowers. For complete landscape services, you need to find a reliable contractor who can provide huge selection of plants. Landscaping plants is extremely important because it provides that unique beauty in the landscape. Proper combination of annuals and perennials will make your landscape bloom the whole year round. These plants can also be very helpful in terms of screening, shade, erosion control, and creating focal points in your yard.

Another factor that you must consider is the ability of the contractor to design and build water features. There are only a few contractors in California who also include water features in their landscape services.

Best of Las Vegas Custom Landscaping designed and installed landscaping. Our team with over 20 years experience know just how to meet your desires and budget. We can design any look you can imagine. 2 White Guys can turn your backyard into a desert oasis, a golf retreat or a poolside dream.  After we brainstorm about the look and feel you want, we put our vision to computer model.  This will allow you to see just how amazing your new landscape will be.  Our team has experience starting from scratch or doing a complete redesign of your space.
We are the most innovative and creative landscape company in Las Vegas.  This is why we have won Best of Las Vegas Landscaping for the past three years.