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Nothing elevates a home’s overall appeal than a tastefully designed patio. Aside from providing you and your family a nice outdoor space, patios also create a vibrant and refreshing scene when looked at from the inside of a dining room or living room. 

If you’re living in a city where concrete and steel dominates everything, a patio becomes even more attractive as a small, personal oasis. It’s where you can easily retire after a long day at work—a patio’s natural elements create a soothing ambiance that can relieve tired eyes, relax the mind, and boost one’s mood. 

Expert Patio Design & Installation in Nevada

2WG specializes in creating such outdoor spaces, be it a new landscape installation or a renovation of an existing patio. Our designers are well-versed in the many options presented to homeowners when it comes to patios and you can count on us to translate your ideas into reality. 

Below are the top ideas you may want to consider for your own patio

Paving Stones

The strongest patio material out there, paving stones are perhaps the most popular not just in Nevada but across the USA. They’re four times stronger than poured concrete and they’re also not easily damaged because of their interlocking design. However, if one stone does crack, it can simply be taken out and replaced, unlike concrete or asphalt. This makes interlocking pavers a top choice for those who are after cost-effective maintenance in the long run.

On top of that, paving stones don’t get worn down easily. They keep their color and they get better with time as they develop an antique feel that gets better over the years.

Porcelain Pavers

Coming with a breathtaking range of colors, looks, and designs, porcelain pavers are the newest trend in patios, walkways, and pool decks. They were first invented in Italy and because of their unique aesthetic value, several US manufacturers started importing them and landscapers began using them to create stylish outdoor living environments. The result when you combine modern porcelain manufacturing methods with high-tech glazing techniques, porcelain pavers are just gorgeous! 

Decomposed Gravel (DG)

Made of eroded, weathered granite, decomposed gravel is a fine, sand-like patio material popular for its stability and elegant look. Decomposed gravel is perfect for walkways, driveways, and al fresco dining patios where an elegant, Italianate feel is very much welcome. If you have a yard you’d want to use to entertain guests, consider creating an outdoor dining area with decomposed gravel for a simple yet sophisticated look. 

Stone & Tile

From granite and flagstone to other types like travertine, natural stones boast variations in color that add an organic kind of beauty to any outdoor space. They’re also timeless enough to be incorporated into contemporary patio designs and thanks to their rich, earthly tones, they effortlessly blend in and add a rustic touch to the surrounding landscape.

Stone and tile patios are also easy to maintain, requiring only regular sweeping and rinsing. Do take note though that natural stones are susceptible to moisture. This moisture can freeze during winter and cause the tiles to crack.

Trust 2 White Guys Landscaping and Design for your next residential or commercial landscaping project. Our team of experienced experts specializes in creatively designed landscaping, so no matter what material or style you choose for your home or office patio, 2WG is the name to call!