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The weather in Nevada can be unpredictable and if you’re someone who likes to soak up nature or entertain guests in the garden, too much sun and sudden drizzles can ruin the outdoor experience. Luckily, pergolas offer a stunning solution to both problems without disrupting the overall look of your garden, patio, or pool area. In fact, they even enhance a spot’s aesthetic charm while providing some shade from the sun and light cover from rain or snow.

Nevada’s Preferred Pergola Builders

2 White Guys (2WG) can define your outdoor living area in an impressive and beneficial way through custom pergolas that will surely get you and your family spending more time outdoors. From walkways to seating areas, beautiful pergolas designed by 2WG create an incredibly nice natural atmosphere that complements a home’s overall look and feel. 

Look to 2WG if you want a Custom Pergola:

  • To add some shade at gateways
  • To have an outdoor space for entertaining guests
  • To shade walkways and connect gazebos or pavilions
  • To shade your patio or garden so you can spend more time outside
  • To utilize an unused area and turn it into an activity space

Aside from providing some shade and offering opportunities for extra activity space, pergolas are also a nice option when you want an elegant structure to support climbing plants or vines. In fact, most homeowners choose pergolas over gazebos or pavilions because of their “English countryside” appeal once roses, wisteria, and other woody vines have climbed up the posts and covered the rafters.

Beautiful Pergolas for Your Home

Pergolas come in different shapes and sizes. Small pergolas are perfect as arches over a gate or walkway, while the bigger ones can cover a patio for an attractive, inviting area ideal for barbecues, outdoor lunch or breakfast, and garden entertaining.

2WG’s pergolas can be crafted from different materials depending on your preferences, surroundings, and your home’s overall design. Most pergolas are made of wood since wood perfectly blends to most settings, but pergolas can also be made of metal, vinyl, or a combination of different materials. They can even include other materials that you like, such as canvas tops. Just let our team of builders and designers know what you want—we can create stunning shade solutions customized to meet your requirements and maximize your available outdoor space.

Be it a simple, modern design or a mysterious Old World style straight from a movie set, trust 2WG to turn your ideas into reality. We can even train vines and other creeping plants to wound up the pillars for a decorative touch! Plus, if you’re drawing up blanks, our experienced designers can present you with a wide range of options and pergola designs that will definitely get you thinking and taking your pick in no time.

2 White Guys Landscaping & Design is Nevada’s preferred partner when it comes to creatively designed landscaping and stylish outdoor spaces customized to best fit your home. Call us today and find out how our team of skilled landscapers and designers can create a lovely pergola or other shade structure for your outdoor living space.