Synthetic Grass

Types: Nylon, Polypopylene, Polyethlene

Synthetic Grass

For homeowners that prefer a low maintenance yet lush synthetic grass, 2 White Guys has the answer.  We can remove the stress of lawn upkeep by providing realistic grass turf.
From sports fields to businesses and private residences 2 White Guys has many various types of synthetic grass available, you can be sure that you will find the exact grass type you are looking for.
Say good bye to moving, weeding and expensive water bills.  Our artificial grass will reclaim your time without sacrificing your lawn’s beauty.
2 White Guys takes the maintience time out your lawn with ourrealistic atificial turf products – say goodbye to mowing, watering or weeding. Our products are available in over 20 eco-friendly varieties, so you’re sure to find the exact grass type you want.
Our artificial grass products are ideal for a wide range of applications – from homes and businesses to sports fields and play areas. Reclaim more free time without sacrificing your lawn’s beauty with 2 White Guys artifical turf.
To choose the best type of fake grass for your project, you’ll need to consider how you want it to look, how you plan to use it, and how long you expect it to last. And you’ll need to consider special factors such as children or pets. 2 White Guys has extensive experience with all types of synthetic grass can help you make a decision that’s the most attractive from every angle.

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