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We may live in the desert, but that is no reason to go without a beautiful water feature in your backyard.  Nothing makes a backyard more beautiful that the additional of a waterfall or water feature in your backyard.  Not only does it make a beautiful focus for a desert landscape, the pure tranquility of the water rushing over the rocks will bring harmony to any evening.  

There are many options for your water feature and 2 White Guys will happily custom design your vision!   Below are some of the options for your water feature:

Water Garden- This is one of the oldest features on our list.  Las Vegas isn’t the only desert with water features. Water Gardens first originated in Egypt, redirected form the Nile, water gardens were considered sacred and were a place to grown medicines and lotuses.  

Water gardens are usually very shallow and are used for aquatic plant species, koi ponds and other water flora.  

Cascading waterfalls- These are very popular in the desert.  Cascading waterfalls are pond-less water features that disappear into a bed of gravel or rocks and are quickly recirculated to the top.   Waterfalls are wonderful for creating a relaxing sound and sublte atmosphere. 

Water Sheets- Typically a more modern addition, sheet waterfalls are usually placed around retaining walls, off tables or other large outdoor structures.  These waterfalls can plunge into a pond or to a pit of gravel, but look much more man-made in their descent. They are a perfect addition to a high end look and look radiant when highlighted with led lights. 

Fountains-  Fountains can be made most any size, shape or style.  Ranging from large fountains with statues, to small bird baths with style…. These water features ensure a great focal point for your yard.  

Reflecting Pools- For a stylish and modern look, a reflecting pool might be perfect for your space.  These are usually made of geometric shapes and places next to a decorative landscape.  They are a great way to accuentate a landscape.  

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